The full range of Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders.

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  1. The NEW Tornado 3.0 with Internal Expansion
    The NEW Tornado 3.0 with Internal Expansion

    Our latest addition to the Unvented range is the Tornado 3.0 which uses an internal thermal expansion system.

    With no need for a remote expansion vessel, and the option of top & side hot water draw off, the Tornado 3.0 is the perfect solution for modern installations.

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  2. Tempest Stainless
    Tempest Stainless

    The Telford Tempest is our flagship unvented cylinder, available in Indirect and Direct models with a lifetime guarantee.

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  3. Complete Solar System
    Complete Solar System

    All solar panels are MCS & Solar Keymark certified and carry a 10 years manufacturers warranty and a 30+ year life expectancy.

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  4. Heat Pump
    Heat Pump

    The Tempest Heat Pump is available to be used with Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps and can be made as a twin coil to be used with Solar/Boiler.

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  5. Vented Copper & Stainless Solar
    Vented Copper & Stainless Solar

    Manufactured to BS1566:2002 and compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations; direct and indirect versions available.

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  6. Direct Vented
    Direct Vented

    A Direct copper cylinder is suitable if your only heat source is electricity (heated by an immersion heater) and/or a back boiler. 

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  7. Tempest Solar Stainless
    Tempest Solar Stainless

    Our Solar range is manufactured to the same high standards as any other version of the Tempest, carrying the same lifetime guarantee.

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  8. Horizontal

    The horizontal is perfect for tricky installations where height is an issue. We can even supply it in our 'Slim Line' range where space is really tight.

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  9. Pre-Plumbed

    The pre plumbed cylinders can considerably reduce installation time, from wiring to plumbing, we also guarantee absolute peace of mind with the units being plumbed up to the highest standards.

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  10. Tempest Plus
    Tempest Plus

    The Telford Tempest Plus is our A rated ERP compliant Unvented cylinder.

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  11. Slim Line
    Slim Line

    Slim line versions of the Tempest are available.

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  12. Indirect Vented
    Indirect Vented

    Cylinders heated by an external heat source(s) transferred through a coil inside the tank.

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