The full range of Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders.

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  1. Indirect Vented
    Indirect Vented

    Cylinders heated by an external heat source(s) transferred through a coil inside the tank.

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  2. Direct Vented
    Direct Vented

    A Direct copper cylinder is suitable if your only heat source is electricity (heated by an immersion heater) and/or a back boiler. 

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  3. TyphoonCR

    The Typhoon is a quick recovery copper vented cylinder with robust corrosive resistant properties.

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  4. Combination Tanks
    Combination Tanks

    Combination tanks come with a hot water cylinder and feed/expansion tank all in one unit offering a vented solution where there is no loft space to fit  feed/expansion tank.

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  5. Maxistore

    Maxistores come with 2 x immersion heater bosses making them suitable for Economy 7 installatons as well as 50mm blue spray foam insulation.

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  6. Single Feed
    Single Feed

    As only one cold water cistern is used to feed the cylinder (including the heating circuit) we refer to it as a single feed Indirect cylinder.

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  7. Stainless Vented
    Stainless Vented

    As the price of copper is volatile, a stainless steel option is a stable and competitive alternative. 

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