FAQs for Consumers

I am thinking of buying a Tornado and the literature states that it needs a 22mm cold feed. The feed to my house is 15mm, is this a problem?

Yes - all connections on the Tornado / Tempest range are 22mm diameter, being the required diameter to achieve flow rates to gain the best performance from the cylinder.

I have found a booklet which has a section where installation and service information should be logged. Who should complete this, and if it is not filled in is my guarantee affected?

Yes - all unvented mains pressure cylinders require an annual service and should be installed by a suitably qualified person. Records supporting this information will be required should the guarantee be called into effect, and the booklet should be completed by the plumber/heating engineer carrying out the work.

I am looking to buy an unvented cylinder and wondered whether it would come complete with expansion vessel and control devices?

Tornado and Tempest unvented cylinders are supplied with all necessary components, an expansion vessel and control devices as a package.

Do you sell direct to the public?

No we don’t but you can find your nearest stockist by using our on-line guide.

Do you produce dual coil cylinders that can be heated from two sources such as a conventional boiler and a secondary source such as solar panels?

Yes, we produce twin coil versions of our vented and unvented cylinders with dimensions to suit many requirements.

What is the best way to use the immersion heater to save money, do I leave it on all the time or do I just use it to heat the water to the correct temperature?

To ensure a supply of hot water whenever it is required leave the immersion heater switched on.

What type and size of cylinder is the best to buy?

There are many variables affecting the choice of cylinder, try our on-line cylinder guide within the home and family section.

Can I use your cylinders with an Aga/Raeburn range?

Yes – with the correct type and model, contact us for further details.

I cannot get sufficient pressure/flow rate, what can I do?

If you have a vented cylinder fed from a header tank, you could consider installing an unvented mains pressure cylinder or thermal store.