Supplied with:

Blend valve, shock arrestor, immersion heater 2 x 3kW

Manual fill, open-vented thermal storage system with pre-plumbed mains pressure coil

Available in stainless-steel or copper, the Tristor Manual Fill thermal store is an ideal option for integrating different heat sources to deliver domestic hot water and space heating. The ribbed heat exchanger coil maximises energy efficiency and as no overflow is required, this type of thermal store is particularly suited to apartment type buildings.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in stainless steel or copper
  • Direct, indirect or twin coil options
  • Supplies mains pressure hot water & high flow rates
  • Up to 3 bar max pressure / 15 litres per minute domestic flow rate
  • Top-up stored water annually
  • No pump or overflow pipes required
  • Integral parts easily accessed
  • Steel casing with white finish
  • 2 x factory-fitted 3kW immersion heaters
  • Fully pre-plumbed ready to install
  • Fully insulated to minimise any heat loss
  • Domestic hot blended set to 47°C
  • 22mm non-scaling ribbed heat exchanger coil
  • Over-fill sensor & domestic safety shut-off valve
  • No external F&E tank needed
  • Exempt from G3 of the Building Regulations
  • 5 Year Warranty* if the cylinder is registered and serviced annually

Technical Data

*Terms & Conditions apply

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