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  1. TyphoonCR

    The Typhoon is a quick recovery copper vented cylinder with robust corrosive resistant properties.

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  2. Combination Tanks
    Combination Tanks

    Combination tanks come with a hot water cylinder and feed/expansion tank all in one unit offering a vented solution where there is no loft space to fit  feed/expansion tank.

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  3. Indirect Combination
    Indirect Combination

    The water within the central heating system is heated by the remote heat source and is passed through the coil in the cylinder

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  4. Rectangle Tanks
    Rectangle Tanks

    Popular in flats/apartments where designers are looking to save as much space as possible, a rectangular tank is ideal.

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  5. Buffer Stores
    Buffer Stores

    Perfect for Biomass, Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps and many other heat sources.

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  6. Tristor Manual Fill
    Tristor Manual Fill

    The Tristor Manual Fill is designed for apartments and flats where overflow and discharge pipes can't be fitted but mains pressure is required.

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  7. Slim Line
    Slim Line

    Slim line versions of the Tempest are available.

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  8. Tristar & Tristor
    Tristar & Tristor

    The Tristar and Tristor are our most popular Copper Thermal Stores. A variant is available for almost every type of installation and if you can't find what you are looking for please call us with your bespoke requirements where we will be happy to help.

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  9. The NEW Tornado 3.0 with Internal Expansion
    The NEW Tornado 3.0 with Internal Expansion

    Our latest addition to the Unvented range is the Tornado 3.0 which uses an internal thermal expansion system.

    With no need for a remote expansion vessel, and the option of top & side hot water draw off, the Tornado 3.0 is the perfect solution for modern installations.

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