• Duplex 2304, same thickness as our 3bar unvented Temepst
  • 10 year warranty
  • 22mm compression fittings all over (including primaries)
  • 2 1/4" Immersion boss (immersion NOT included)
  • Blue spray foam insulation finish, part L1B compliant
  • Secondary return fitted as standard (IDF2 pattern code)
  • Tappings equivalent to copper standards BS1566
  • Suitable for Grade 3 and 2 applications (please enquire regarding Grade 1)

Stainless Vented

Product Code:
Stainless Vented

Telford Copper and Stainless Cylinders now offer stainless steel vented cylinders as a replacement for copper cylinders.

As the price of copper is volatile, a stainless steel option is a stable and competitive alternative.

The stainless steel vented market has seen an influx of thinner walled vessels to offer a competitive alternative to copper. Telford Copper and Stainless cylinders refuses to lower the quality of our products and we are now proud to release our version of the stainless vented with no compromise to quality.


  • Indirect
  • Direct

Sizing Chart

Available sizes:

  • 900x400
  • 900x450
  • 900x500
  • 1050x400
  • 1050x450
  • 1050x500
  • 1200x450
  • 1200x500
  • 1500x450
  • 1500x500
  • 1800x450
  • 1800x500