• Copper vented cylinders come with a 2 year guarantee
  • Manufactured and fully approved to the latest British Standard specification BS1566:2002 (Part L).

  • ERP Compliant

  • Optional extras are available but must be requested, such as;

    • Larger secondary connections
    • Extra bosses (including immersions)
    • Bespoke dimensions
    • Bespoke designs to your drawing

Direct Vented

Product Code:
Direct Vented

A Direct copper cylinder is suitable if your only heat source is electricity (heated by an immersion heater) and/or a back boiler. 

An immersion heater boss is supplied in the top dome of the cylinder as standard and we also supply 2 x 1" direct connections (flow and return) if you are connecting a back boiler. If you are only using an immersion heater these need to be blanked off.

All copper vented cylinders are manufactured to BS1566 and PartL1B specifications as well as being fully ERP compliant.